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To think about

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"It was never just an affair" needs to be in quotations, because it was something my ex-husband said to me early on in the break-up. I guess he thought it might make me feel better to know it wasn't just a fling per say, it was real love? It didn't make me feel better. Him ending the affair and being willing to work on the marriage would have made me feel better.

Friday, 25 October 2013

I wrote this poem on October 12, 2013


When you told me I was naked on our bed
tired, exposed, in a word,
In my sickness, with tears silently flowing,
I pulled up the bed sheet,
covering the heart and body you were rejecting,
covering my grief,
putting a barrier between me and you.
Shielding myself from your words so that they might
not penetrate, not sink into my soul, but be bounced off
reflected by the bed sheet.
I still sleep in those sheets, on that bed, 
cocooned in a new life
without you. 

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