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"It was never just an affair" needs to be in quotations, because it was something my ex-husband said to me early on in the break-up. I guess he thought it might make me feel better to know it wasn't just a fling per say, it was real love? It didn't make me feel better. Him ending the affair and being willing to work on the marriage would have made me feel better.

Monday, 26 May 2014

The email I sent my ex-husband today

Titled: You might get pissed with me,‏

but, oh well, I don't have much (read zero) to lose do I?

This article is the funniest thing I have ever read on polyamory, and it references a book on open relationships that I haven't seen before. It is my opinion you need to read that book M, because you sucked ass at trying to introduce me to an open marriage.

This link is an "expert" author in the field of polyamory. Every time I read something about polyamory like this article I laugh. I really get a kick out of every author talking about the importance of trust and honesty, boundaries and communication skills. All the things you failed miserably to exhibit in our relationship. Therefore, all I can assume is that your trip into the world of non-monogamy will be good for you as it will stretch you in new ways and create an opportunity for growth.

End of email. Authors comment after email was sent:

I may have lost my ever loving mind sending my ex that email, as it is likely the angriest or most passive-aggressive correspondence I have had with him in many months, but I could not resist. Well, I didn't even try to resist to be honest; I let my impulsive nature take over, joyfully. I don't know if I should thank my month in Bali for my lack of concern about how he will take that email, or if I should be concerned about the fever I might be running (I have a horrid cold) or the lack of sleep I am suffering from jet lag (going on three days now of restless and short naps).

Oh well, I can't undo what I have done. I have always thought it better to regret something I have done, rather than regret something I failed to do.

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